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It mainly includes the technique and physiological processes that contribute to a person’s ability to attain and maintain a certain weight.

Weight gain is important for skinny people, it is mostly because they are not getting enough calories to fuel their bodies. On the other hand weight loss is a decrease in body weight resulting from either voluntary(diet/exercise) or involuntary(illness) circumstances. Moreover, weight management involves developing meaningful ways to track weight over time and identify ideal body weight for different individuals. With rising obesity rates in many parts of the world, proper weight management strategies most often focus on achieving a healthy weight through slow but steady weight loss, followed by maintenance of ideal body weight over time. Healthy weight is very important to a person’s overall health because obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, like Type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Obesity is one of the fastest growing health concern in the world today and is determined by a person carrying too much body fat for their height and sex. Experts believe the growth in obesity can be partly attributed to the average lifestyle being less physically active than it used to be. Being obese increases the risks of developing certain serious diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, as well as having a significant impact on psychological wellbeing.

Bodyweight is determined by the amount of energy obtained from food in relation to the amount of energy your body uses. Any excess energy is then taken and stored in the body as fat. Each  person has their own unique body type and metabolism, meaning that different people need different amounts and types of food .

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